Zhoozsh! Faking It  

'A light-hearted look at a serious subject and the love of my life – food – as you’ve never seen it described before. I love it!’

Brian Turner, CBE, Chef/Patron, Brian Turner Mayfair London


'Easy to cook, down to earth food with fantastic flavours – the perfect ingredients for a great cookbook.'

Justine Drake, Food Writer & Stylist


‘Deliciously real, funny and warm, as Jeremy is. There is nothing overdone in the book; it’s packed with flavour, and beautifully tender!’

Gwynne Conlyn, Award – Winning Food Writer & Broadcaster


'Jeremy is a man of many talents – apart from a mouth-watering account of his travels, his recipes are fun an uncomplicated.’

Garth Stroebel, Co-Founder of South African Chefs Academy


'... you are in for an absolute treat, these guys really know how to bring cooking to life.'

Ainsley Harriot

“F@# ing amazing!”

Heston Blumenthal, renowned British celebratory chef in You magazine


'How Jeremy and Jacqui Mansfield became the hottest duo in food'

cover Sunday Times Lifestyle


'…an exciting sequel to their bestseller cookbook Zhoozsh!..'

People magazine


'…an award-winning formula for fun-filled cooking.'

Michelle Loewenstein, Sandton magazine

Gourmand International Awards

South Africa:

· Winner- Best Cook Book 2007

· Winner - Most Innovative Cook Book of the Year 2007

· Winner – Best Media for a Cook Book  2007


· Bronze Award - Third Best Cook Book in the World


Gourmand International Awards

South Africa:

· Winner- Best Easy Recipes Cook Book  2011

Zhoozsh /zhu:zh/ v. S. Afr. Colloq. 1. adaptation and contraction of the word Jewish. Lowly paid African workers utilised the service of Jewish tailors in downtown Johannesburg to extend the life of old clothing by repairing or smartening them. [Orig. early 1900s]. 2. colloq adopted into gay lexicon/culture. The act of enhancing, improving or finessing something to make it stand out (zhoozsh up).