About the Authors

Jacqui became a freelance writer and author after more than a decade as a game ranger and working in conservation. She is the author of the mega best selling An Unpopular War, which was nominated for the 2007 BSA award and was translated into Afrikaans as Dit Was Oorlog, and is co-author of Zhoozsh! and Zhoozsh Faking It! She’s vegetarian, avoids the kitchen and works to travel.


 Jeremy has been involved in media for over 25 years. In his capacity as a radio and TV presenter he has won more awards and accolades than any other media personality in South Africa’s broadcasting history. He now consults to media and business on social sustainability issues. He  co-authored the multiple award-winning Zhoozsh!, and Zhoozsh Faking It!  He believes beer is more than just a breakfast drink.