I could write a 147 page blabbering fanboy letter about how fantastic the new book is or, the fact that you both seem to pick creativity out from under your fingernails while the rest of humanity has to try and find it using, a compass, the entrails of a goose and a dry sponge. I guess I could also go on and on about the sensational layout styling, the fun anecdotes and the truly fantastic recipes (even for us here in Oz) - but I won't because I'm sure you would just vomit...

Instead, I would like to say that by the time I had got to page 7, I realised that I was sitting with a big smile plastered all over my face - not one of those: I just snuck a fart grin, but a HUGE smile where I know that if it weren't for that fact that I have ears, the top of my head would have peeled back and fallen down between my shoulder blades. I'm smiling because I'm holding something that defines the word 'FUN' in every sense of the word and in a world where 'fun' seems to be under vicious attack from flaccid attitudes and half-baked instant gratification programming, your book stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Thank you both..!!

Warm regards MARK,Australia

If Zhoosh was mind blowing then I can only imagine what ' faking it' is like. Can't wait to get it. My mother in law arrives in 7 days, it is the only thing I asked for. :)… Zhoosh was mind blowing… LAUREN, UK

Die resepteboek .. is n MOET in elke huis! MARIANA

Thanks for the great book! JILL

Love your new Zhoozsh recipe book. There's fabulous recipes in there, personally I think it is the better one of the 2 books :-). DIANNE

Made the Yorkshire pudding this weekend and they were superb! What a lovely book! YVETTE

I love this one,superlicious!!I kinda miss the Sibandas:)) MARYNA on the Fake Garlic Snails